Philips BodyGroom Series 3000


Smooth body shave
Designed to protect even in sensitive areas

The Series 3000 is designed to power through hair, without compromise on skin comfort. You can use the skin friendly shaver or trim by clicking on the 3mm comb.

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Confidently shave or trim all body zones
Designed to be safe and comfortable for underarms, chest & abs, shoulders, groin area and legs. The skin friendly shaver catches and cuts hairs of different lengths, without the need for multiple tools or skin contact with sharp edges.

Protects skin while shaving or trimming
The men’s body groomer designed to capture short, long and thick hair in a single stroke. The shaver head features patented rounded tips and a hypo-allergenic foil to protect your skin from cuts and nicks.

Includes 1 comb for a natural trim (3mm)
1 comb included for a natural 3mm trim. Attach the comb onto the shaving system, to trim hair to a fixed length of 3mm. You can use the shaving system without the comb, for a closer result. For thicker hair, pre-trimming with the comb is recommended.

40 minutes cordless use after an 8-hour charge
High-power rechargeable battery for full body use, with 40 minutes of cordless use after an 8-hour charge. The battery light indicates power status, when the battery is low or full.

Use wet or dry
Your wet and dry body groomer is 100% water resistant, so you can use it in or out of the shower. For best results, use on dry hair before showering.

Easy to grip
Your body groomer is easy to hold and maneuver, with a rubber ergonomic grip for more controlled trimming.

Warranty for purchase protection
All of our grooming products are built to last. They come with a 2 year warranty and they never need to be oiled.

Product Dimension
Weight 1.33 kg
Dimensions 5.5 × 10.5 × 41.5 cm
Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Cutting system Cutter width: 32 mm
Shaving element: Foil with two pre-trimmers
Skin comfort: Skin comfort system
Comfort in sensitive areas
Create the look you want Number of length settings: 1 fixed length setting
Accessories Comb: 1 body comb (3 mm)
Power Run time: 40 minutes
Charging: 8 hours full charge
Battery type: Ni-MH
Ease of use Wet & Dry: Fully washable
Showerproof and easy cleaning
Secured length settings: Yes
Operation: Cordless use
Maintenance free: No oil needed
Design Handle: Ergonomic grip & handling
Service 2-year worldwide guarantee: Yes
Part Available for Order 422203630881 – CUTTING UNIT SFS
422203629531 – ACDC 1W 8V 2P JPTWMX BK 0M92 SALOM LC
422203620851 – POWER PLUG ARG
422203621751 – POWER PLUG WEU
422203632561 – 3MM COMB PINKY